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    I'm looking into streaming software for my music. Given the size of it, using memeory cards just doesn't give me enough flexibility as I can't take it all with me and I never know what I might want to listen to. I have an iPod and all, but I don't always have it on me.

    For video, I'll be using the Slingbox Portable client when it's available so I just need something for music and maybe photos. I think I can still use Orb even without a media center box or a PC without a tuner card. Even so, are there other solutions that would be better for music? Of course, Orb's free so it certainly doesn't hurt to try it...

    By the way, for Audible fans, Audible is releasing a Beta version of their AudibleAir software for Windows Mobile devices later this month. They already have an Audible player for WM, but this version that was previously only available for Palm lets you stream the content rather than play it from your internal memory or memeory card. I'll be trying it out as soon as it is available.

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    Is orb gonna release software that you can stream to a treo 650?
    What ever you want, get it done at Where competition bids value!
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    You might try if you are only interested in streaming photos and music... great interface, and it streams in mp3 format.
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    I use Gloonet all the time and it works great. My only complaint is there is an annoyingly long pause between each song. Long enough for me to check to see if my connection has been lost. Great to access my entire CD collection from my Treo.
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    I'm a HUGE fan of Slimserver. If you've got a PC at home and a router that supports dynamic DNS, it's easy to set up and it works great. There are several huge advantages:

    1) It's free.
    2) It doesn't require streaming through a server other than your own. You can throttle the bitrate so you don't suck up all your upload bandwidth.
    3) You can connect to it from your PC, so that you can stream your music at work without using your Treo.

    Check it out. Highly recommended.

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