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    I need help.
    somehow when I go to the pull down menu for ringtone option for my treo in known/unknown caller I get diffrent sound options. I used to have sounds listed the ones in midi and my mp3 files in rings folder but now it lists sound files that are in wav format in windows folder so I can't change the ringtone. Funny thing is the mp3 ringtones are working for me as fine, its just the tones that I chose prior to today's problem. since its giving me wrong list of files I can't change the ringtones to other mp3 file. Only way to do it is choosing in individual contacts. One more thing it lists correctly on other events like phone/roaming or phone:missed calls. ....funny...but annoying...anyone had this problem?
    is hard reset only option that I have?
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    im having the exact same problem.... i noticed it after i uninstalled pocket zen but im not sure if that has anything to do with it.... PLEASE SOMEONE HELP

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