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    I've had my 700 for almost 2 weeks. When I turn the power on, it takes about 5 seconds to be able to navigate the phone. Without any installed apps, the phone was able to use right away. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, is there a fix? Please help.
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    do you have alot of today screen plug in's?
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    Quote Originally Posted by shk718
    do you have alot of today screen plug in's?
    My experience also. The more apps I loaded that hook into the OS and/or the Today screen, such as PhoneAlarm and Spb Pocket Plus, the slower it got. Along with the 700w's slower CPU, it repaints the screen every time I do something and these apps caused a significant slow down on wake.

    Do a hard reset and see how much more swiftly your device reponds (not that I am suggesting it, just reporting my observations).
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    I only have 1 today screen plug in from a custom app. The rest of the plugins are the ones it came with.
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    I had the Resco Today plug-in going. I turned it off, and now it is working fine again. Does anyone know why a plugin would make it take 5 seconds before I could start using it? Also, is there any way to expand the amount of programs in the start menu with WM5?

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