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    Sprint just released the ROM upgrade for the 6700 the other day and the push piece was in there. It is damn nice. Keep the faith, it is worth the wait. Also a lot of things were remedied in this release and it was well worth the time neede to perform the update and then to normalize the device.
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    For those looking to get an exchange server, I have DSLEXTREME. I did a google search and found them. I am paying 4.95 for the first 6 months and I think 9.95 after that. Not exactly sure but Im pretty sure I get 1 gig of storage for this price. Support and service is good and it works great with the treo. I am a college student and dont yet have a corporate exchange server for work, but it is nice to have it for school. Hope this helps any one who is looking for hosted exchange servers. Sure beats verizons wireless sync thing, and I love having all my info synced on my laptop, desktop and phone 24/7 pretty much instantly.

    Off to class
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    I'm confused. I can recieve my gmail through my phone by hitting send/recieve. It works just fine. It'll pop up in my inbox in the messages section of my phone. What's the problem exactly? I don't have to go to the gmail website or anything.
    SiskoKid - How are you getting gmail on your treo? I set mine up and I can send mail from my Pocket Outlook but cannot recieve. grr... Thanks.
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