OK, I recieved my Treo last night and was loving it, I synced up to my Outlook without any problems.

Now this morning I cannot sync. Everytime it tries I get the following error:

ActiveSync encountered a problem on the desktop. Support Code: 85010014

I have used ActiveSync with an MPx200, as well as with an HP Ipaq witout any problems. However this time I cannot seem to resolve. I've Google'd and based on other users with the same issues I have taken the following steps so far:

Reboot desktop machine.
Soft Reset Treo.
Delete Partnerships within ActiveSync.
Hard Reset Treo.
Reinstall ActiveSync.
Ran ScanPST on my Personal Folders File for Outlook.

None of these have worked. I know it is a problem with Outlook because if I just sync Web Favorites this works fine. If I try to sync Email, Contact, or Calendar I get the error.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? I don't want to reinstall Outlook (as some people have suggested) but am afraid I may have to.