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    Anyone know what came out of that webinar with Palm and MS that happened today?

    When: February 1, 2006 Time: 11 AM Pacific (west USA), 12 PM Mountain (central USA), 1 PM Central (central USA), 2 PM Eastern (east USA, New York), 8 PM (Europe: Germany/France/etc), 7:00 PM (Europe: UK, Ireland)

    The Palm Treo 700w smartphone from Verizon Wireless: Delivering Critical Data to Your Enterprise

    Palm's world-class ease of use is now available on the Windows Mobile platform, expanding the possibilities of what Treo can deliver as an integral part of your companyís mobile solutions strategy.

    This webinar will directly address:
    - Features and benefits of the 700w smartphone
    - Windows Mobile 5.0 as a platform for the 700w
    - The Verizon Wireless EV-DO network as delivered on the 700w
    - IT questions regarding deployment, security and manageability on the 700w
    - Mobilizing Outlook information (email, calendar, contacts and tasks) directly with Exchange Server 2003 to mobilize your workforce in a powerful, affordable and scalable manner.

    Rocco DiValentino
    Verizon Solutions Systems Engineer

    Ford Davison
    Windows Mobile 5.0 Product Manager
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    there's a transcript on pdaphonehome...

    what a bunch of #$#%$%

    "Question: How much RAM memory is available?
    Answer: 64 megs""
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    Quote Originally Posted by Swap
    there's a transcript on pdaphonehome...

    what a bunch of #$#%$%

    "Question: How much RAM memory is available?
    Answer: 64 megs""
    Hah, maybe we shouldn't be mad at Palm/MS/Verizon for putting a unit out there with only 32MB of RAM. Maybe they all think that they put 64MB in there, and that tiny little discrepancy just slipped past them.

    *Enters dream world* Now maybe they'll offer a free upgrade to 64MB of RAM, and to make it up to us they'll also pop in that 320x320 screen and a WiFi card. *Comes back to reality*
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    Couple of interesting things today...

    Question: i see your answer on the 64 MB RAM, but no review that I have seen (user or institutional) claims more than 32 MB. what are they missing?

    Answer: They are mixing Apples with Oranges. 700w has 128MB of NVFS storage and 32MB of SDRAM. The storage space is 64MB allocated to ROM OS image. 4 extra MB is taken by Operating System when running. 60 MB of Storage is available but extensible via SD Card. The 32MB of SDRAM is where programs execute. IE and Media Player reserve cache space here so 14.7MB is initially available. When you close apps, they do not really release the space until you FORCE them down by pressing OK two seconds and chosing Shutdown. A soft reset also clears all un-allocated cache.
    So according to Palm IE and MP are taking up part of the 32MB's for cache...that's a little odd and I believe inaccurate but it is was they said...

    Second...MSFP will not be released until late spring!!! !@#$ Commmon hard can it be They also deferred some of the blame to VZW to the delayed release and that if they (VZW) really wanted too it could release it sooner...

    At this point we should make an effort to hack or steal a device image from development!

    Also mentioned was that MSFP was going to be an installable option rather than a new ROM...that's new...i thought for sure it would be a new ROM image.

    They also made reference to two update (calling them something like M1 and M2) they were working on.

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