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    I think I've gone and confused myself from reading too many posts regarding EVDO, 1xRTT, etc. My question is this: if you are connected to data, will the phone still function as a phone? I remember reading that if you are connected to data with 1xRTT, and a call comes in, that it goes straight to voicemail. Is this true on the 700w, or can you still recieve incoming calls as normal? How about if you are using EVDO data connection and a call comes in, does it ring as normal, or go straight to voicemail?

    Also, is there a way to keep the connections "always on" or not? Because as much as I really want to have an always on data connection (for messaging, etc.), I don't want to cripple my phone's normal operation as a phone in order to do so. Right now my area doesn't have EVDO, however we're expected to get it within the next few months (supposed to have it by the first of the year, but that got delayed, obviously), and so answers about both technologies would be appreciated.
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    On a Verizon Treo 700W, if you're connected via EVDO, the data session should step aside and allow phone calls to come through. If you're connected via the older, slower 1XRTT, your phone will appear "busy" to callers, who in most cases will end up in voicemail.

    However (and here I speak solely from my experience using Treo 650 1XRTT, as my 700 spends most of its life in EVDO), the problem will not arise unless the phone is actively sending and receiving data at the time of the call, i.e. the "always on" status does not block phone calls.
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    I think that's good news. So if I have a messenger program open does that "actively send and recieve data" when it is open? I would really like to have something like Verichat (or IM+ or whatever other messenger program I wind up getting) to be running in the background so I can recieve IM's all the time.

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