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    Can anyone provide, or point me to, step-by-step instructions on how to set up the Exchange server in my office to "Push" the email to our new 700w's?

    We don't have anyone in our office who is familiar with the process. Verizon has us downloading "PC Monitor" software to the server, but it is not recognizing the server. I am getting ClientShell.exe errors on my phone.

    It's one big mess. We have about $2,000 worth of phones and no email...

    Please Help!!!


    Your Friendly Insurance Guy
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    I have felt this pain!!

    Verizon wireless doesnt have technical documentation that anyone has been able to produce, but install instructions are on Verizon's site (Data Support Center) for the PC monitor and is the short version ... no meat to digest.

    I have worked with Treo 650's and VX6600's, not with the Treo 700 ... yet.
    From my experiance, this can not be put on your exchange server ... this is the first problem.
    I have some notes I have taken that works every time, to add users to the PC monitor workgroup version and am glad to pass it along ... Verizon has not been very helpfull in supporting this product.

    Attached is what Verizon DTC and Intelesync has provided.
    (dont know if the attachment made it or not)

    If you still have trouble ... there are a few other things to look at.

    Good luck ... it is a good productivity tool, when it works.

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    Ok. First question: Is your server Exchange 2K3 with service pack 2 installed?
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    Insurance Guy, with all due respect, hire a consulting firm familiar with Exchange and ActiveSync. The right team should be able to do this for you in a day or less depending on the number of phones that you need setup. Also to make it easy to add more phones in the future, buy / run a certificate from a provider, like Entrust or Verisign, that is preinstalled on the phones. Also, make sure that they mentor you on the entire process so you can be more self sufficient.
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    search for my user id in the search function any date I posted a quick how to guide.
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    Are you seeking to use Verizon's Wireless Sync product (used capital letters to denote the formal product name of Wireless Sync), or are you wanting to use Exchange Active Sync to wirelessly sync email and such?\

    The term 'wireless sync' can mean many things to many people.

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