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    hello, simple question from a new user:

    is it true that the phone will only poll for new e-mail from your currently active account? i have 3 different POP3 accounts set up and i would like the phone to check each one regularly when in standby.

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    Good question. I was just about to post the same question. From my experience, it doesn't but there must be a hack to do so. I agree, it's annoying to have to switch over and check.
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    This is true, it will not poll for new mail if the account isn't left open...i.e. if you left Messaging on the 'Text Messages' screen, it won't check any of your POP3. IMO - not a good feature. Maybe MS will offer an upgrade that will have a 'poll all POP email accounts every X minutes' feature.
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    Even with everything closed, it will only check one Pop 3 account. You have to manually cylce through the accounts and check the e-mail. FYIW, it is also very slow in loggin on to the Comcast servers. This was the biggest reason I returned mine and went back to my 650.
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    One of the dumbest features about the 700w. Other than that, I'm happy w/ mine.

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