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    OK since there seems to be more users here getting SDIO wifi cards for their 700Ws I thought we could post some info about them.

    I have the Spectec -
    SDW-820 and i can say that the card is awesome. Size and form factor are great, with the card inserted the top of the card still sits below the 700s antenna. The power consumption of the card is excellent too. I went 2 days with the card in the SD slot and kept the 'radio-off' until I needed it. When i wanted to connect to a network I would turn on the radio, via the WLAN app, let it find the network and surf. I did what I would call 'moderate' surfing for 2 days and this along with my normal phone use dropped my battery level to 37% by the end of the 2 days.
    I have done some wardriving with this card and I have to say that the radio in this card is excellent - in just a short drive to work in the morning last week with the card scanning for networks I was able to log 96 Access Points along the way with the 700w in my pocket.
    Anyhoo all that being said that's the good - the bad is the WLAN client for this card is horrible. No way to set-up multiple 'pre-set' networks no real way to manage networks that you are connected/connecting to. Just very poor overall.
    So I tried to use the Biongo pocket PC WLAN app but it did not appear to recognize this card. So does anyone know of any 3rd party apps for managing Wireless Networks.

    Also this was said in the Cool Uses for the 700w thread:
    Quote Originally Posted by mrjerome
    I just bought the AmbiCom wireless SD card from CompUSA for $69.95 and it's worth every penny. I got on my home network in about 8 minutes & was surfing at warp speeds.
    mrjerome - any chance you can describe your experience with this card in some more detail? How is the client app for that card can you easily manage multiple networks?

    I also thought that I saw someone here mention having the Socket SDIO WiFi card - if we could get some more info on that crad that would be great.
    Here it is:
    Quote Originally Posted by Okimomale
    I have a wireless lan card (socket) for my 700w, and it connects to my home network just fine. What I'd like to be able to do is access the internet via my home network. The problem is that I have verizon DSL as my home DSL provider, and in order to access the internet thru verizon dsl, you need to logon using your user name and password. Is there any way to get the Treo 700 log on ? It doesn't appear that verizon makes any logon software for windows mobile 5.0. Thanks.
    Okimomale - any chance we can get some info on how well the socket card is working for you and how the client software is?

    Thanks all

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    Okay, I finally received my Spectec SDW-820 card tonight (took about 2 weeks to arrive from So far, aside from the size of the card, I'm not terribly impressed, however I will say that the level of flakiness and bugs is about par for the course with the 700w and WM5 so far. Perhaps these are just WM5 issues and not specifically 700w or Spectec problems. I will admit that at first I missed the mini-CD with the drivers that had been tucked into the packaging, so I just downloaded the latest drivers from Spectec. It works for the most part, and I can connect to my home network (surfing at about 1.3Mbps!), but it just isn't particularly feature rich.

    Still, I have to agree that the WLAN utility provided is not very slick. I cannot figure out how to "turn on/off the card" and sometimes the WLAN radio icon up top will just disappear and lose my networks. Then it's anybody's guess as to how to get it back up and running.

    I have also tried MiniStumbler v0.4, Hitchhiker v0.32, and Airscanner Mobile Sniffer v1.02 with varying degrees of failure. They either don't run (Airscan), don't scan (MiniStumbler), or occasionally work but then crash if I try to enter my WEP key (Hitchhiker). Lots of soft resets here people.... and sometimes the result of these soft resets is an "Unrecognized Card" notification when it boots back up.

    Yet another Treo 700w/WM5 annoyance - has anyone figured out how to truly disable the sound effects when removing/inserting an SDIO card? I can't seem to find this setting, and to the best of my abilities I have attempted to turn off every single sound effect this thing makes so far. A reg hack perhaps?
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    So I had the card in and connected to my wifi network. I put the phone into flight mode (EVDO off) to make sure it was surfing via wifi. Then I brought it back out of flight mode, but I was just getting a No Service message and my EVDO connection wouldn't come back up. I pulled the card. No help there. I tried putting it back into Flight Mode and at that point it just locked up on me, forcing a soft reset. Has anyone else encountered this? I would like to reproduce it, but right now I can't seem to get my 700w to recognize the wifi card and connect to a network....
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    mikelynch -
    give WiFiFoFum2 a try from here
    for a nice scanning tool with the spectec.
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    Thanks r00t - that's excellent. I had never heard of WiFiFoFum before, but it's great.
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    WiFiFoFum has been around for a while and is a great wifi scanner.

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    I have read reviews that said the Socket Go Wi-Fi! E300 for Treo 700w causes the Treo to slow down. Has this been confirmed with the Socket and other cards?
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    I have the Socket card.
    I don't notice anyslowdown when trying to use WiFi.
    I only put the E300 in the Treo when I want waireless access.

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