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    I am interested in learning about compatibility of ACT2005 and Treo 700W using ConpanionLink or any other 3rd party.
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    I'm also using ACT 2005, so this would be of interest to me as well. But from what I recall it really doesn't do much more than export your ACT contacts to an address book form. And we're all familiar with the memory issues of the 700w, so you may not want to carry a large database of contacts with you. My solution to the problem was a little different. I have a separate ACT2005 server at work with GoToMyPC that I access over EVDO. This gives me the full functionality of ACT including access to all my notes, attached files, reports, etc through GoToMyPC's WM5 client. Plus I can make changes to the database for others to see when they sync up (sync their computers in ACT, not ActiveSync...). True, the 240x240 screen makes for a lot of scrolling and navigating, but it is not as painful as you might imagine. I'm pretty happy with this solution (if I used it more often a bigger screen would be on my wish list), and with the CPU and memory constraints (not to mention the bloat factor of ACT 2005) of the Treo I'm not sure any 3rd party solution will give me anywhere near the functionality.
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    I am not on our own server and I am not that familair with gotomypc and EVDO (except for what I just read about is after getting your e-mail). I am curious, you mention recalling some capabillity to synch over contacts in a address book formate? I really only need company name, contact name, e-mail, telephone and maybe cell phone. Do you recall where you saw this?
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    EVDO is the high speed data service provided by Verizon and Sprint. The 700w is EVDO compatible. GoToMyPC is a remote PC administration program/service. Install the software on your desktop or server and then use to securely access that computer's desktop from any other computer with an internet connection. They have a Windows Mobile 5 compatible version of the client software, which is what I use on my 700w.

    Something like Companion Link may be good for synching your ACT contacts, and after looking at their website it appears to do more than I remember. They say you can access your notes, etc. I don't know about you, but the database I'm working with is LARGE. I suppose I could store it on my SD card, but I would assume it would still be CPU and RAM intensive. If you just need to export your ACT contacts to Outlook, that is a fairly easy procedure, but then you still have the problem of synching.
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    Have been using CL for some time, both as a direct sync to Pocket PC and an Outlook Sync. Have tried other products as well. Currently have the Palm 700W from Verizon, love the PDA.

    Accoriding to many Active Sync 4.1 (which is requried for the new WM5) including MS, has many issues. If you have not purchased the unit, I would definately not until they have the ACtive Sync issues worked out, it doesn't work well with CL and they are about the only ones that can two way sync to ACT on WM5!

    As well, in the 3 years using ACT! have not found many add on's, sync's or just using the program, that has not resulted in problems. I am not sure that there is a seamless integration tool when using ACT! (in any ver).

    Having said that, I like ACT! as a CRM, it is just when using it with other devices it creates (seems to) more problems than it is worth. I would like a CRM that has all of the functionality of ACT! (currently using 2006) that can integrate into the mobile world.

    As for a comment to your posts, there is nothing that I have found that works seamlessly to sync ACT!, and I have tried many programs.

    If you all come up with something PLEASE let me know.
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    BTW - I would look forward to any comments/exp that anyone has using ACT!2006 - Pocket PC - Sync - In any form ????
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    Anyone have any 700w experience with as an alternative to ACT?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacques ARA
    BTW - I would look forward to any comments/exp that anyone has using ACT!2006 - Pocket PC - Sync - In any form ????
    CompanionLink is fully compatible with the complete set of Palm handhelds out there (including the Treo 700), as well as every PocketPC on the market. We also support all the Blackberries out there.

    As of 2/14 we're also compatible with all current versions of ACT, GoldMine (excluding Firebird databases), Outlook, and Lotus Notes.

    If there are any questions, call us at 503-243-5200 M-F 7am-4pm PST or email us at

    You can reach me directly here: ryan [at] companionlink [dot] com

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