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    I decided to start playing around with making some themes. Being a big Ohio State fan my whole life I need to start with that since there are just no good ones out there. This fist one is a tribute to tre-i-e-i-o

    Also, we cannot upload .tsk files here so I just changed the file extension to .txt. Change it back to .tsk and it should work fine.
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    And here are 2 more.

    Feedback is welcome of course!
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    I seem to recall Texas being the National Champs this year, not OSU ;-)

    In fact I seem to recall OSU not even being first place in their own conference (shared title my a**, if you have more losses, AND you lost to the team you are "sharing" the title with, then you aren't the champ), and finishing 4th nationally behind Texas, USC, Penn State :-P but I digress
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    yea. I agree that the way they do rankings can be messed up at times but they are what they are. Sometimes it is good to be lucky. At least we won the bowl!
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    One last off topic post before I swear I won't mention it again here: Tounament!!!!

    Now back to your regularly scheduled Today Themes!!!!

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