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    First time using PDANet so be gentle. I installed ActiveSync on my laptop. PDANet is seeing the 700w connect but everytime it tries to dial, I get a message that says the modem is busy, try to connect again. So I try again over and over and it is the same thing.

    Does this have something to do with ActiveSync? Is there a way to keep this blasted thing from syncing every 5 minutes?

    At the top of the today screen, the connection icon shows 2 arrows pointing opposite directions all the time. When I click on that it says ActiveSync even though it may not be doing anything at that time.

    Just trying to get this thing working. Leaving on a trip tomorrow and wanna have net access.

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    Check that out for the sync problem.

    Leave the device connected for a moment or two before trying to connect with PDANet. I've had my own issues with PDANet, just not these issues. I do know, however, that when Activesync is trying to sync and you are trying to connect with PDANet it's no dice.

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