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    Quote Originally Posted by Ted Turner
    I just installed FIZZ TRAVELER on my 700. It's awesome! I haven't noticed any lag at all...

    If you are using one of the Fizz products, Traveler is the way to do. I do not believe that Fizz Weather has been updated for WM5 yet and while it might install, it will probably cause you problems.

    Fizz Traveler otoh is 100% WM5 compatible and I have zero issues with it just like TT is reporting
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beryl that is an option on the default PIE home page works well enough if you have cookies saved.
    yes! this is what i perfectly. everything else is a waste of memory in my opinion. does one really need current/forecasted weather on all day long?

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    Good to hear about Fizz Weather, trying it out tonight before my upcoming trip.
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    Fizzweather does support WM5. Working okay so far on my T700.
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    It may work, but it's not 240x240. Many screens were cut short on my Treo 700. And after using WeatherPanel on my old iPaq, the map selection in Fizz weather is less than appealling.
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