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    I'm trying out 4smartphone right now. It seems to be working perfectly on my Treo and on my home computer.

    However when I'm at work, I get the error message "Microsoft Outlook is trying to retrieve data from the Microsoft Exchange server snshbea105.4smartphone.snx" every 5 seconds. And I've had Outlook open all day and it's never finished syncing. It took 3 hours to do one mail folder that was 35mb.

    It's annoying and it seems to momentarily lock up Outlook. I've disabled my Firewall, my antivirus and Microsoft Antispyware with no improvements. Can you help me? I really like this service so far, and I'd like to buy, but if this is how it is going to be at work, I just can't.

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    What kind of internet connection do you have at work?
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    Broadband from It comes in through a 480 modem and then through a wireless router and then into a set of Cisco routers. I'm new to this place. And there is no one here who knows anything about computers.
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