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    Quote Originally Posted by ronbo2000
    The forbes writer must be a member of T/C. He is reading too much on Perry's rumor here.

    I'm a source !!

    (I know . . . . . . .back to my pink padded room.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by cash70
    Sprint works fine if you are walking or driving on the streets of DC. Even down on the Metro or Northern Virginia. However, do no attempt to make a call from inside a building. I am lucky to get 1 bar in almost any building.

    BTT...Yep, there is another thread about the 800P.
    SPrint has NO reception in parts of Alexandria, Huntington Metro Station, Tysons Corner Greensboro Drive and on parts of the Parkway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Minsc
    Wow, no comments?? That's pretty big news. (and exciting news too for us Sprint folks)
    This goes right along when I posted this 3 weeks ago:

    Confirmed 700w for Sprint 90 Days after VZ Launch

    It nice to see other sources confirming it.
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