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    Is there software that makes it easy to make an appointment for a contact during a call? I would love it if it were possible to at least plop their name into an appointment slot? I spend a lot of time typing the person's name into an appointment.

    Any thoughts?

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    Man oh man. I am here researching different pda phones becasue I might need to get rid of my BB soon. Making notes and stuff was easy on a call with my BB. I thought windows and palm was so far advanced to the BB. This transition is going to be hard. At least these devices are better looking then BB.
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    Yoyo, I've been using Palms and Treo's for quite some time now. I've often been on a phone call, had my Treo either connected to my stowaway keyboard, had Documents to Go (Native Word) open to take notes, using Verichat at the same time to do messenger with co-workers (telling them what not to say during the call) and all the while with my headset plugged into the phone. And yes, i have done without the keyboard too, i.e. while sitting in a passenger seat of a car.

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    Man, I've spent a lot of money and time on these things!!
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    Oh good to hear thank you Waynew. That sounds like a lot more then the BB does and would be a great upgrade.
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    You can also create a note while you are on a call, and it will automatically add the person's name, phone #, date and time to the note. I LOVE this feature!

    To do this, click on the Menu button while you are on a phone call, and scroll to "Add Memo". This will open the Notes application and then you can create a new memo.
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    The following apps will do what you want: Slap (the fastest), 2day, and datebk5 (soon to be datebk6).
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    Quote Originally Posted by heberman
    The following apps will do what you want: Slap (the fastest), 2day, and datebk5 (soon to be datebk6).
    Uh DBk5 ( a great app) is for POS not WM. DOn't know about Slpa or 2Day
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    Photo Contacts Pro 4.0 ($30!!!) also does exactly what u want.
    It drops the contact name and phone details into the appointment. Also does the same for Tasks. Good luck!
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    does photo contacts allow you to dial from the calendar app from the appointment you just made with the contact?
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    Sorry, not sure. Problem is, it's phone mgmt software interferes with the Treo's, so i uninstalled it.

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