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    Hey all, seeing as I'm about one click away from that $99 deal on I was wondering if anyone has, or can write, a "Quickguide" describing setup of the Treo 700w out of the box (or after a hard reset). Basically a step by step procedure to make the thing work optimally, such as the Activesync bug fix; programs (or program types) that you've found necessary to run, such as the regedit, or the tweaks program, or a task managing program; any of the registry hacks or tweaks that help performance and/or free up RAM; basically everything that needs to be done to get the device working the way it really should be working straight out of the box.

    I've been keeping pretty close track of the things mentioned on the boards that I think I will have to do when I get it, but it would be helpful to have an experienced user's perspective. If no one is willing to put together such a guide, then I will do my best to catalog the steps I perform to get it to that "reasonable usage state".

    Thanks for your help.

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    thats a great idea..will the moderator consider creating a sticky guide, about whats the essential sequence of steps we need to do with the registry, settings etc BEFORE starting off and another list of perhaps desirable (but not essential) ones.

    that would be very kind and helpful
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    Buy a copy of Now You Know Treo 700w from Peachpit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mwomwom
    Buy a copy of Now You Know Treo 700w from Peachpit.
    im sure they wouldnt have all the registry hacks and tricks that this forum has! someone should summarize this forum's learnings into a booklet

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