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    Hello everyone,

    After finding this forum last night after attempting, unsuccessfuly, to get the USB-based ActiveSync to work, I have figured it out, at least for my setup.

    I bought the treo 700w on Friday.

    On Sunday, the USB Active Sync wasn't working, this was the first time I attempted to sync. I don't have bluetooth on my laptop, so this was really the option I was looking for. Windows XP was able to detect and enable the device, no problems. I thought, somehow, the problem was in the communication between the device and the PC. I followed all the suggestions I read last night, changing firewall settings, turning off the firewall, removing ActiveSync from the PC and installing the MS version. None of that worked. Until this morning. This is what I believe you need to do or at least try it.

    #1 - remove active sync 4.1 as provided by your treo CD and install the version from the MS website (this perhaps was a part of my problem)

    #2 - Check that your PC firewall settings are not blocking communications, the easiest way is to disable the firewall and then disable/enable your network connection. (this was not my problem)

    #3 - Under WirelessSync go to "Menu" -> "ActiveSync Setup"

    Tell me, does it say "disabled" ?

    I switched mine to "enabled" and voila! It worked.

    After doing #1 above last night, it still didn't sync. I went to bed. This morning I woke up and was looking in the WirelessSync settings and changed that "ActiveSync" setting to "enabled" and wouldn't you know it...the damn thing worked, I installed that freebie psd reader app and was able to sync with Outlook.

    Hope this can help some of you. It worked for me.

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    Wireless Sync is almost like a virus the way it sabotages other synchronizations like ActiveSync. It seems to be designed to generate calls to support for help. Verizon and IntelliSync should be smarter about this.

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