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    I believe it's been suggested and offered before, I thought it might be a good idea to put this back up on top. I find this to be the perfect soft-reset solution while not having to remove the battery cover. It's free and it works. After downloading/installing it, place the soft-reset icon/program on your "Start Menu" so to have it just two clicks away.

    Wei's Soft Reset

    hope it helps, enjoy your device!
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    hey thanks. works great!
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    Battery Pack Pro offers a soft reset and power off button on the today screen.
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    So does GSPocket Magic for free and HandyMenu for $6.
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    I friggin love bpp. Even though I thought it was an insane memory hogg at first, for some reason, after a reinstall of bbp and opera, both apps work like champions. Just installed xcpuscaler too and it seems sexy.

    Now all I need is a dedicated IM client that I actually feel like paying for. My verichat just ran out today so Im trying that free one currently.
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    What am I doinf wrong, I downloaded the small program and my 700 said it was unsigned and needed to be restored or reinstalled? I am curious to use it but can't
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    does it have to be installed on your pc the activesync'd to my pda?
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    I downloaded the wrong file. nevermind.

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