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    And maybe you kind folks can help me find my way. I'm a graduate student with very poor time management skills. I have 2 PDAs, one a palm, one a Pocket PC, neither of which I use because frankly I don't have room in my pockets for them, plus my phone, etc., and so I really want a converged device. It took me about 2 seconds to narrow down my search to the 700w (current frontrunner), the VX6700, and the 650. I really like the Treo design, though have slight worries the keys might be too small for regular use. The 6700, however, has the opposite problem of being very difficult to use one handedly (I've played around with all 3 models at the store for a while).

    Still, I would have bought the 700w weeks ago if they just had that magical number of 64 instead of 32 for RAM. Not really being a big PDA user yet I actually have little idea how much RAM I'll really ever need, though I know that once I start using it regularly I'm likely to become a "power user", and so I don't want to get stuck with the 700w if it really won't suit my needs(as I said, I'm a graduate student, so I don't have the funds flowing to be able to get a new phone every 6 months...however that $99 deal from is VERY tempting, seeing as I'm off contract now).

    Here's what I envision using my "converged device" for, in order of importance to me as stands now:
    1) phone use, with easy access to the calendar and "to do" lists
    2) IMing via AIM/yahoo/ICQ (can all those be running at once with Verichat, etc.?), and text messaging
    3) Web browsing
    4) slight to moderate use of word, pdf, and powerpoint files (most likely just for viewing/reading, and slight editing when using the PDA...for anything more major I can wait until I get to a PC)
    5) "Entertainment" applications, such as audio and video, especially streaming once EVDO comes here in the next couple months (I'll probably use entertainment more frequently than for the productivity points listed at #4, however I'm going to pretend I'm a good student and say they're not as important to me). I'm really looking forward to streaming XM stations, since I get good cell reception in a lot of places I have shoddy satellite coverage.
    6) Gaming, but nothing major. I don't like having too many temptations around, so I try to limit gaming for when I'm home on a console or the computer
    7) This will probably become more "major" to me if/when I start using it, but I really think I would like to be able to use GPS systems such as TomTom, etc.

    I'm sure there are other uses I'll come up with, but for now this will suffice. Now after all my ramblings come the real questions:
    a) Will the Treo 700w be able to handle these functions well?
    b) I pretty much would like to always have the IM client open, and a web browser. Will I then also be able to use audio/video (from card or streaming?) without any major slowdowns?
    c) how about GPS navigation instead of the multimedia?
    d) how about productivity software (word/excel/powerpoint/pdf viewer, etc.)?
    e) you get the picture, basically I'm asking if I'll be able to have IM, web browser, and another "RAM hogging" application without any noticeable slowdowns?

    I'm sure I'm coming across as a n00b, and I admit I am (coming from mostly using desktop computers where RAM is now measured on the GB scale, having only ~14 MB of available RAM just seems so...inadequately small). If I get a "you're good to go" from you guys who have much more experience with converged phones, especially with the 700w, then I'll probably be clicking that "Checkout Order" button on that my mouse has been hovering over for the past day or so. Or if you think the xv6700 will fit my needs better, then so be it (though with stability/battery/screen/slider problems I hear about...I really hope not). OR if anyone knows of a Treo, or Treo like device, that will be coming out soon with everything the Treo 700w has, but with 64MB or more RAM, and 320x240 or 320x320 screen, then let me know and I'll wait ;-)

    Thanks in advance for any help. I know I'm a forum troll, but I don't really have any insights to add, seeing as I'm Nooby McNoob. Hopefully once I get whatever I get I can pretend to be more knowledgeable, though with as much as I've rambled here I'm sure you guys are hoping I won't :-p
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    I have been testing a Trio 700w form Verizon for our office and needed a acurate Adobe Reader. Since this was a test unit and I figured if I blow it up no big deal.(It's not mine and I will never have to pay for the repair. I went to Adobe's website and installed (Pocket PC 2002 and Windows Mobile 2003 with update 2) and bang it worked. The install took some time but no biggie.
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    Basically the bottom line answer comes down to questions to qualify your memory issues. After the 700w loads the OS, PIM apps, etc... you will have about 10-14 mb of memory available for cache and multitasking....compared to around 25-40 on other WM devices.

    So yes you should be able to do all of those things with with these points to consider:
    • Do you do a lot of browsing on the Internet or like to have several browser windows open at the same time? If so be aware there maybe cache issues. When I have 25 mbs free on other WM05 devices I have run out of memory when several windows open and browsing for a time. But this is probably not the norm so will not be an issue for most.
    • The 700 will run all the programs you listed, but probably all at the same time very well. If you don't need to run them all at once, no problem. But, if you want to have GPS going, send an email, look at a spreadsheet you want to attach to your email, while listening to MP3s....then you may run into slow downs and memory issues.
    • Office docs are no problem as a rule of thumb. The only time you may run into issues is if you need to load a large spreadsheet, pdf file, etc....and do not have enough memory available for the cache.

    So basically, again.....the answer is Yes AND No, depending on how you plan on using it. I hope that is clear as mud!
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    Thanks Hobbes. I actually already ordered it from (and none too soon, looks like they just raised the price $200 today), and looking forward to recieving it as soon as my credit, etc., checks out with Verizon (hopefully won't take too long, seeing as I'm currently a Verizon customer, porting my number FROM them TO them, but who knows how the red tape will unfurl.

    As for web browsing, I tend to do a lot of that, but it will probably be minimal on this device compared to when I'm on my laptop. I think this device will mostly be for quick "on the go" functionality in regards to the applications I stated above, though I really want to set up an always on messenger client through the data connection. On my phone now I have AIM, but it uses text messages, and I'd like to avoid those fees by going through the data that I'm already going to be paying for. Does anyone know if this is possible (without tying up the phone line)? The posts I've seen about messenger clients seem to have all the messages "pile up" until you are connected to the network again, in which case you recieve them all at once.
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    Anonymouse....I am excited for you ( I feel for you waiting, for me it is worse than waking up at 3:00am christmas as a kid morning knowing I had to wait until 7)....let us know what you think.

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