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    I am gonna buy a Treo but am debating the 650 or 700. I am currently on a month to month with my current provider so a 2 yr contract is no problem. I dont need EVDO either. I see I can get the 650 or 700 for 99.00 after rebates.

    Or should I just wait a month for the 700P?
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    I would say it would really be your decision. Most of the original Palm users would like to see Palm (OS) survive this latest trend to migrate to MS (OS).

    If believe that your world and what you currently use revolves around MS platform and you don't have any problem switching, then it is a simple decision to get the MS. 700w being new brings with it different challenges if you are a current Palm OS user, i.e.: your old app would not work hence you may need to obtain new versions to replace them.

    OTOH, if you want to support the Palm OS, then 650 is the choice. Just be aware current resolutions for the 650.
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    Most on line retailers were insisting on a 2 year contract when I bought mine so I went to a local brick and mortar all carrier store where I got the best deal. With EVDO and Windows being about all that the 700 has to distinguish itself, it sounds like you are in 650 territory.


    1. What carrier has the best signal in the areas you frequent ? Verizon is the only one offering the 700 so if the answer isn't Verizon, I';d cross the 700 off ya list.
    2. Do you have an investment in Palm Software ? If the answer is significant, then that also would cross the 700 off my list.
    3. My guess is that we are gonna see a Sprint 700p announced around April and ya won't be able to actually buy it until June / July.
    4. Again, nuthin but a guess but I think Cingular and the other GSM carriers will be at least 3 months behind.

    If I was CDMA inclined I think I'd wait and see what is offered in the 700p this summer. Since I prefer GSM phones and Cingular service, I think if I was in your situation, I'd buy a 650 now and see what happens in 2007.
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    I was debating between a Samsung i730 and the 650 last summer, since I already had 5 years worth of Palm OS apps it was a no brainer. But now, if I had to chose a mobile device for the first time and never had a Palm OS PDA I would go with the 700w. It can just do so much more with the EVDO and being able to stream content in windows mobile format which essentially means if some audio is online you can hear it (at least I think). You can also play XM radio through it through a pocket explorer interface which is really cool.

    The 650 is still a fine phone and mobile device. If you want to go with Cingular and the 650 then it's a still a good choice.

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