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    Saw a good question over at HowardForums and thought I would pose it to the group here. By now we all know about using PdaNet for USB tethering, and there may be potential for BT tethering via PdaNet in the future (although with a BT bandwidth bottleneck). What about bridging your EVDO connection and SDIO-based WiFi connection to create an EVDO-speed WiFi access point? That would be the ultimate solution for me.

    Has anyone with a WiFi card figured out what this might entail? I think I've read that you may need a reg hack to use EVDO and WiFi at the same time (although that might have been from a 6700 user). Are there any technical reasons why this would not be possible?
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    I just bought the AmbiCom wireless SD card from CompUSA for $69.95 and it's worth every penny. I got on my home network in about 8 minutes & was surfing at warp speeds.

    But to answer the question, the WiFi supercedes the EDVO, and it cuts off the EDVO.
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