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    Went traveling this week, I noticed that the alarm clock went off an hour earlier than it was set. I had this happen two days in a row. When I set the same alarm 5 minutes later, it would go off correctly. Anyone else have this problem. I occurred when I went from Phoenix to Boston.
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    I recently travelled from San Diego to Minnesota and used the alarm clock -- it woke me up on time
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    As I understand it, the problem is with Pocket Outlook adjusting its appts (and probably other things) based on your current time zone. I've tried a bunch of settings in Clocks & Alarms, but nothing seems to give me exactly what I want. Either I give up displaying local time or my appts keep morphing as I travel from time zone to time zone.

    I purchased WebIS Toolbox to fix the problem, but I can't get it to work. I'm probably too dense to figure it out, but maybe their support group can help.

    Of all the things in WM5, this has got to be the worst engineering choice possible. How could those morons in Redmond think that they should adjust our appts time based on where we are? Don't they understand that most people (everybody?) use local times when setting appts, not universal (GMT) time?????

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