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    I see lots of accessories for the 600/650. Will all of them work and fit etc. on the 700W?
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    as far as holsters go, no!

    i originally bought the seidio cradle holster for $27.95 and it said it was compatbile with both teh 650 and 700....however it is a bit loose.

    then i bought the Helix holster sold here and it fits perfectly...and the material is soft rubber which doesn't scratch the phone like the seidio ones.

    as far as batteries, i bought mugen extended 2200 mah battery b/c it also works better than the seidio extended batter.....moral of the story....seidio products are not high quality and they don't do much research before selling their products.
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    A hotsync/charger USB cable I used with my 650, will charge through USB but will not hotsync. My AC charger works fine with the 700. I have one of those silicone/rubber covers and it fits and works, but the button area isn't identical. Sometimes when I want to press the middle button, I press the down button and then the middle button by accident, which on menus or list views, I get the wrong item. My bluetooth headphone works fine. Maybe slightly better, but I still can't stick my phone in my pocket to talk because it's too far away. I think this is the fault of the headphone, though.
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    The silicon skin from treo central's store fits but has raised buttons that will line up with the 650's buttons. Other than that it fits
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    I have a 650 Sync/Charge cable that works great!
    $8 on eBay
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    You need to be a little careful with cases. Sizewise, they appear to be interchangeable, the problem I've noticed is the microphone opening.

    On the 700w, the mic holes are right next to, and in line with the charging & sync cable connectors, on the 650 the mic hole is above and more to the right.

    This means the 650 cases where the opening at the bottom is wide enough to leave the 700w's mic hole uncovered are fine, on others you'll find they completely block the mic.

    In the diagrams below,
    M=mic opening,
    C = charger,

    700w: E SSSSSS C M

    On the 650, the "M" would be on the line above and another position over to the right. (I tried to illustrate this as well but it kept left justifying, so I edited this message and inserted this comment.)
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