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    I have VGS working on a 6700 (sprint) and seems to work fine using AOL imap .

    It did not pick up mail for a while today but I was a bad signal area. Will let anyone interested later in the week how its going.
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    yes, pleae let us know how reliable it is. I have read that it tends to have problems with:

    Exchange IMAP accounts
    IMAP accounts with large numbers of messages >200
    Received attachments do not show up in correct format
    Automatic reconnection to IMAP server when cell signal is lost
    Notifications flaky and do not support the left and right soft keys

    Please confirm your findings. Thanks!
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    also, sometimes it tends to drop the connection to the server or the connection times out and the client has to be shutdown and restarted. Can you confirm if maintains a solid long term connection to the server?
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    sorry guys, I have been working too late this week to try the VGS solution on the 700w, but I can testify that the Office2Go solution did NOT work at all. I will post here when I get a break in my work schedule and try the VGS thing....
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