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    I have the Palm Treo 700w with unlimited data plan. I have a POP3 email account (iserv) and I can't send any emails. I can recieve them just fine. There are about 6 emails now in my outbox and when I hit send/recieve, I get a message that emails could not be downloaded to my phone, check email settings. Im pretty sure I have them all right. emails are still in my outbox. Any suggestions?

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    Do you have a PC with the same email settings? If so, can it send and receive properly?
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    The PC has the same settings as the phone. I basically just copied all the settings that I use for outlook to configure the phone. I can recieve email, I just can send. I read a thread about using the whole email address instead of just the username. This was for gmail, but this to is a POP3 email, so I think it might work.
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    Several people have had this problem (see other posts). One solution that works is to set up a verizon email account and use their smtp server.

    It worked for me.

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