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    Try dialing #*#PRL

    If it asks for a code, enter all zeros.

    If you then get asked for a file, find a verizon prl on the net, or follow the page at my site about converting a sprint treo to verizon to get a old verizon prl...

    Good luck, most likely it was reported stolen and they won't dare activate it.
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    Well, it is charging fine on a wall charger now. I think maybe the battery was just too dead and needed a jump start. What a waste of money. I got the cradle for an amount I'm embarassed to say from one of those corner electronics store with no return policy. At least it turns on now.

    Unfortunatly, the #*#PRL code does nothing. It just sits on the screen and doesn't do anything. Are there any production ROMs I can flash it to? There are quite a few bugs with this ROM, and I think getting a production ROM may help. I doubt there are any available yet, huh. Thanks for all the help. It is a lot of fun playing around with this, but I'm thinking it will be for sale on ebay (unless someone here wants it for the same price I paid) by tomorrow (the wife isn't to happy with me right now).
    Device: Sprint Touch
    Accessories: Jawbone 2, 6GB Sandisk miniSD
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