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    OK, I just got this 700W and I signed up for Wireless Sync on Verizon. I have a POP3 email account (Comcast email, not a work exchange account).

    Am I supposed to leave my home computer running with Outlook open for this to work properly?

    Should I shut down Outlook?

    When I woke up this morning my Treo said I needed to Sync, so I sync'ed and 8 emails came into the 700W. Then when I looked at me Outlook I noticed that 3 "new" emails had come into my open Outlook on my desktop computer overnight. I had not opened them. For some strange reason, those 3 new emails did not come into the TREO. ARRGGGGGHHHHH.

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    in POP mode, Wireless Sync is purely a mail client, just like Outlook is on your PC.

    Think of it this way:
    Your POP account is sitting out there.
    You use Outlook to grab mail from it. In that scenario, Outlook checks your mail server and gets the mail there.
    Wireless Sync works very much the same way. You entered your POP server settings on the WS website. That website acts like Outlook does, and checks your POP account every 15 minutes. If new mail is grabbed, WS is supposed to send that mail to your device, instantly (or you can set your device to just sync to that web server every X minutes - but that's pretty much a waste of battery. New mail that web server grabs from your POP account <should> be sent to your device. No need for manual sync.

    The point is that the Wireless Sync website and the Outlook app running on your PC have nothing to do with each other, since you're using POP. They essentially are performing the same function - both are checking your POP server for new mail. You do NOT need to leave Outlook open - it has nothing to do at all with the function of Wireless Sync (again, since you're using POP, with Outlook as the mail client).

    Now, as far as the 8 mails vs the 3 mails, I can't help you. Probably has something to do with either the timing of the emails, or how you set up WS on that website (options like 'leave mail on server' - those things.

    Now that you know the big picture, see if that helps with your understanding.

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