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    how often do you guys get this? when checking my gmail its almost a 30% chance that i get this error. seems way to high to me.
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    I get that all the time too whats up with that?
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    Has it always been that way or did it start acting up in the last day or so?
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    Its when you have the EV in a box with no arrows. Sometimes you can force a connect when the phone is in that mode, but often you cant.. you have to wait it out.
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    I have gotten this message a lot more in the past two days. (I have not been able to connect so far this morning!) And maybe I was naive - somehow I thought that if EVDO was not available the old 1X would kick in - I guess that was stupid on my part. When I have ISP problems on my laptop I have someone to call to find out if they are having server problems. Is there a customer number to call for the Verizon server?
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    Since I was just complaining - I have to confess my stupidity - I just discovered that somehow my phone got turned off - no wonder I could not get connected! I gather the phone turns itself off if the battery gets low. Live and learn.

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