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    Today, something happened that caused Outlook and IE to stop finding my mail and web servers. Both work when I use the server IP address. And both my machine and various test machines I found on the internet are able to resolve my site name into the proper IP.

    Verizon Tech Support was "very sorry to hear about my issue" and did all it could to solve my problem by furiously flipping through scipt pages, reading sentences at random and making me reset the device a few dozen times. After two hours on the phone, I took pity on them and agreed that Outlook only supported Verizon email accounts and that IE only worked with Google and Yahoo.

    Anyway... I can continue using the IP for email but I can't use that for connecting to my site since I host multiple virtual sites at the same IP. So I'd really like to understand what is going on.

    Has anyone else experenced DNS resolution issues lately or can think of anything that could account for what I'm experiencing?


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    Well, whatever the problem was appears to have cleared up.

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