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    Anyone getting this to work? I found a couple of older threads but it didn't look current.

    I have contivity installed on my laptop and it works fine on everything with the exception of PDANet.
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    Works fine for me. I had 600kbps/sec today!
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    When I get to the banner screen it seems to disconnect at the banner screen. Also, at this time my device loses connection with my pc.

    Any suggestions?
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    I'm just guessing, but this may be a carrier-dependent issue. Some VPNs require a real IP address, and T-Mobile, for example, offers data plans with and without VPN support. I think I've heard anecdotally that Cingular's MEdiaNet does not support VPN (maybe their PDA plan does); don't know about any of the other carriers.
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    I don't suppose anyone has gotten any updates on this? I've also been having the same issue with my VPN @ work. Everything is good until it goes to download the banner and then I lose the VPN connection. I don't think it's a carrier issue; I've never had an issue connecting with VZW when I was using the XV6600 and after transitioning over to the Treo, I reactivated my XV6600 for kicks and it worked fine. Switched back to the Treo and the problem resumed.

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