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    that work with the voice commands?

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    none that work yet? Anybody?
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    supposedly there is a supposed hack that will supposedly work (supposedly) regardless of bt heatset, but who really knows?
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    I wouldn't hold your breath. I am 99% sure that it will not work.

    Anyway, check this out:

    it's a wired headset, so you look like you're wearing an IPOD. But there is something cool about hearing someone in both ears at the same time. Also, much better for audio playback as the quality of the audio is much higher than through a BT headset. Yes you are tethered.... but... reports from a good source say that pressing the button on the headset initiates Voice Command. I haven't confirmed this, but if true ---
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    Those look cool, but I can never get that kind of ear phone to actually stay in my ear, even while just sitting. I can't understand why they make them like that.

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