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    I'm thinking about getting the Treo 700w.

    Anyone know if the Treo700w will work with Rogers / Fido Sim card network in Canada?

    Qrisma introduces small portable HDD with 4GB of storage

    I'm thrilled to introduce a rugged 4GB HDD based on a 1" Micro Drive about the size of match box. The portable HDD is anti-vibration and heat dispersible. At 6.4cm x 5.1cm, this is so small that it fits right in your pockets. The portable HDD is also both PC or Mac compatible. Click here to view the brochure
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    The Treo 700W is a CDMA phone. It does not use sim cards. It will not work with GSM service providers.
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    Wow that looks like a pretty cool HDD. As far as I know the 700w is only available for the Verizon Network. I believe Rogers is AT&T, no?
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    That's unfortunate....i was hoping for a GSM version. Still no release date for CDMA in Canada though...

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