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    Anyone know of a good WM5/Treo 700w compatible pdf viewer? Adobe has one but has issues. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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    The PPC version of Acrobat Reader works.
    Slight issue with the menu at the bottom but I've used it to browse the Treo 700 Manual.

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    I use the adobe flawlessly. Is there a problem with WM5 and adobe?
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    is the adobe one wm5 compatable?
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    I use Westtek's Clearview viewer. It works but having trouble installing to the card right now. The developers are working on that.
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    Picsel is useless - using Adobe 2.0 for PPC. It is great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AdamG
    Picsel is useless - using Adobe 2.0 for PPC. It is great.
    Is it free? Where can I download it from?

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    I installed the Picsel and that didn't work for me. The adobe above loaded and installed without a problem. If I use file explorer to go to the file and click on it, it doesn't seem to launch properly. If I open Adobe, and then the file I wan't to read it works fine.


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    I have been testing a Trio 700w form Verizon for our office and needed a acurate Adobe Reader. Since this was a test unit and I figured if I blow it up no big deal.(It's not mine and I will never have to pay for the repair. I went to Adobe's website and installed (Pocket PC 2002 and Windows Mobile 2003 with update 2) and bang it worked. The install took some time but no biggie.
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    I was getting non-stop memory errors from Picsel with just about any size PDF (you know it's bad when it won't even load the 700w manual it came with), so I uninstalled it and tried the Adobe Reader. It is also a memory hog, and to view a PDF email attachment I have to tap and hold the attachment, do a Save As to a folder on my SD card, then soft reset. Then the first and only app I open is Adobe Reader and then I can open the PDF. If I try to click on a PDF attachment directly from Outlook it starts to open it and then immediately closes (maybe another memory issue?). Has anyone figured out a way to make the Adobe Reader open PDFs directly from Outlook, or am I correct about the memory? Maybe it's a file association problem? The other program I haven't tried yet is ClearVue - does that have a smaller memory footprint, or the ability to open PDF attachments directly? In other words, is it worth the $9...?
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    I open email pdfs all the time with no problem. Install GSFinder or Resco Explorer and check your associations. Also, how many programs do you have open when attempting to use Acrobat?

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    Thanks for the tips lankox. When I try to open those PDFs I only had Outlook and ActiveSync running.

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