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    ok, so say i am the phone with someone and i get a call. I hit answer and it switches to the new call. Fine. I talk with the new caller for 10 seconds and now i want to end THE NEW CALL and go back to the original. How?? The only option is "Swap" but that does not end the other call and it will just keep running in the background.

    someone called me from London this morning and i didn't know it was still going in background while i was chatting to a friend for an hour...i sure hope it disconnected and it's a glitch
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    I experienced this for the 1st time this weekend. I selected answer to the 2nd call and Swap when I was done. The 2nd call was gone, off the screen.
  3.    #3 it worked for you? but still...that doesn't make sense since how does the phone know if you are going to COME BACK to the second call and just want to swap to the first call to end it?
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    The person on the other end has to hang up to disconnect - you cannot end 1 call and go back to the other call; End will hang up both.

    That's not a 700w glitch; it's a limitation of the CDMA network - the 650 CDMA phones do the same thing. Once they hang up the call should disappear from the screen.
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    well i am sure my friend from london didn't stay on the phone for an hour while i was talking to someone else...the 2nd call was definitely still there and the time duration kept counting up
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    With my Sprint 650, I noticed that if the other caller was a cell user, the line would disconnect, but if not, the othe line would stay connected for some reason. And remember, that when you use call waiting the minutes are calculated exponentially not merely multiplied by 2.
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