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    I have looked all over for this info and nobody really answers the questions I have, so here they are:

    1) I use Palm Desktop (PD) as my PIM, when you move from the 650 to the 700, is it easy to move your data from PD to the 700?

    2) I use Notes for work email and Thunderbird for personal on my laptop and Verizon Wireless Sync for work and Versamail for personal email on my 650 - because I like to keep them separate. I understand there is a sync app for Notes but does it use Outlook on the 700 as the mail client? and are there any good 3rd party email clients for the 700?

    3) Tell me about your experiences migrating from the 650 to the 700 - data, useability, etc....

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    As far as #1, there may be a better way, but you may have to install the Outlook 2002 that comes with the 700, and than change your palm sync to use outlook, then sync your 650 to populate Outlook with your phone, and then you can sync your 700 with Outlook.

    As far as #3, I "migrated" from 650 Sprint to 700 VZN. At first it seemed like everything was hard to do, but I'm getting used to it. I'm a lot more optimistic about customizing Windows Mobile to my needs than Palm. Just read this and other sites to help you get the features you want. No regrets, except I'm paying more for service now.
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    Thanks J. A follow up on question 2. If there are no 3rd party email apps I can use to keep work and personal email accounts separate, does the app included (Outlook?) ON the 700w allow for a multiple DISTINCT email accounts? in otherwords, can I keep the two accounts separate in the same app and never mix the two up?
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    yes, you can have multiple e-mail accounts and the messages are in their own seperate "message stores". SMS and Exchange email are the two default message stores. When you're in one of the message stores looking at the email messages, you can press dpad right or left to cycle to the next or previous message store.

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