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    Has anyone else noticed that the 4-way buttons on the phone are "less sensitive" after a couple of weeks of use? It seems i have to push the "down" key pretty hard for it to respond.. Much harder than when i first received the device.. Its only on that one key.. Its sounds stupid but its pretty aggravating when you push the button and nothing happens - so you have to push it again HARD... Anyone else?
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    I'd replace it.
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    I hate to be so picky about something so small but.... It is kind of aggravating.. I'm just worried that if i replace it - sure enough there will be something about the new one that screws up too..
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    I've noticed the same thing, but right from the start. Do we have 30 days to replace for the same device (replace for a new one, not a refurbished)? My 15 days are over. Thanks.
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    If you bought from Palm, and not VZN, you have 30 days.
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    I run into this with the 'E' key but I think that they way the Treo is situated in my hand, I'm just not pushing down hard enough.
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    What if you bought from VZW? I got mine at a Circuit City..
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    I have been told different things from different Verizon employees. Customer service (611) told me I only have 15 days, but the in store Customer Service rep told me 30 days if I exchange for the same device. I am not sure which one is true.

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