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    Another piece to the puzzle. For whatever it's worth, I've got the same message:

    "Photo Storage Card Inserted
    Would you like to view the pictures on your storage card now?"

    But in my case, I never got that message until I installed "Pocket Informant 2007."

    I contacted the makes of that program and they said they have no idea--there's nothing in their software that would cause that pop up.

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    Yeah, Im getting the popup also. In addition, I get "the phone is not ready, wait 15 seconds and try again" and "The phone is off, would you like to turn it on?"..... when I dock it. And no, at my desk at work, I get no signal. I realize thats why I get 'not ready' but, can I make these go away??
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    Anyone ever figure this out? I never had this problem until I had to hard reset my when I soft reset it always asks me if I want to view the pictures on the SD card...
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    do you have any .jpgs stored in the root of your storage card?

    I used to have some there, but when I deleted them, or moved them to the DCIM folder, that message stopped showing up all the time.
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