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    now that would be a cool device!! But i have a question for treo 700w users here.... who must be having the same problems as me on my new 6700. as you know, i am trying this vs. the 700w, but both have the windows 5.0 OS and i came from a treo 650.

    so problems are:
    1) pocket outlook can only sync one IMAP folder at a time! AND worse, it disconnects after checking email from EVDO... so then i have to switch to my other account and dial up again. this is not a phone/evdo connection issue, it is the outlook program. anyone find a way around this?

    2) as all treo 700w owners know, voice command is great. i installed it on my 6700 and it makes phone dialing simple. but, if you say 'ringer vibrate' it does not indicate properly on the display. anyone else try this?

    3) is there anyway to change the softkeys on the bottom of the screen on the 700w? i can't figure it out on the 6700.

    4) pocket outlook does not seem to display html properly... anyone know an overall better program, like chatter????

    ok, that's enough for now.
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    I am actually getting used to the WM OS-I dont think I would want a 6700 with it.
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