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    How about we make a list of the best freeware you have found...providing a link would be great too. Thanks in advance!
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    My current favorites are:


    Directory Assistant

    Flight Status

    Quick Tip


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    How about for WM5 instead of PalmOS. We are in the 700 forum so I would assume we wouldn't want PalmOS programs listed here.
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    Those Palm freebies are good.

    All Mobile Mines (mijnesweeper game)
    Apsoft Systems apMemo (like diddlebug but no alarms)
    C. Ghisler & Co. Total Commander (like filez)
    DoubleBit Software Pocket TV Browser (free w/constant nag but worth registering)
    Flatfish TOMBO (secure memos)
    GreenSoftware GSFinder+ (like filez)
    GreenSoftware GS Pocket Magic (task manager)
    GreenSoftware GSPlayer (Windows Media replacement)
    Microsoft Remote Display Control (operate your 700w from a workstation)
    Morawietz Smart Mahjongg
    Olive Tree Bible Software
    PHM Registry Editor
    portalPPC +Startpage 2.0 (home web page)
    SEVEN PPC Client (Wireless Sync replacement)
    Wei's Soft SoftReset

    links are easily found via google
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    Uh Jack? This is the 700W group.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JackNaylorPE
    This is the list I made to "investigate when I got my Treo last year:
    Again with the Palm software
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    Geez you guys, Thanx for the help and time but we want PPC software, NOT palm!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JesseNYC
    Uh Jack? This is the 700W group.
    Whoops ....gotta remeber to check path when using "New posts"...will edit
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    Happy Jack Road ADB Weather Plus (link to cab file-install it right to your phone from here.)

    It has a nice today plug in, allows you to configure it to automatically download updated weather data.
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    The software apps I listed are for Pocket PCs!
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