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    After almost two weeks of heavy use I am returning the 700w. I have read all the reviews and come to a few conclusions. It's the best pda phone ever made- I have tried them all. One handed operation is the best ever with this phone- no question- dispite was others have said. The only reason I am returning the phone is because the verizon service it not good at my house- where the sprint service is accaptable at my house. And the EVDO is not available in my area. I am very disapointed that I can't justify keeping the phone due to the coverage at my house. Another consideration is the $44 additional that verizon charges for data and not being able to use EVDO. I would give the phone five stars all the way around - as long as the verizon service in ones area is EVDO and coverage is good where you are. Sad to say I have to give up the phone.
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    Thats too bad. I really like the form factor...but Im stuck to sprints coverage and data rates as well.
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    The "Search" option is a wonderful thing:
    Same page as this thread.
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    Maybe it isn't completely appropriate to ask this here...but would you be interested in selling your 700 as opposed to returning it?

    I have a 650 right now and am interested in upgrading. Let me know.

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