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    Excited to go home and try PDANet on my Treo 700w.....I am in Germany now and looking foward to getting home and trying it.....what kinda bandwith speeds are you guys getting using PDANET via the T700W?
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    I just tested mine. 200kbps. Verizon site says "typical" speeds of 400-700 up to 2mbps. I disconnected and made sure I was on EVDO and reconnected and got 138. I don't think that's much faster than my 650 on Sprint. What a disappointment.
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    I got about 360kbps... pretty pleased!
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    I'm getting 500Kbps (with PDANet and connected to my laptop) using CNET's bandwidth test. The test was done in Palo Alto, CA.
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    That's weird, I disconnected and did the test directly on the Treo and got 500, I immediately connected to my notebook and turned on PDANet and I still get 200. I am using the Beta version of PDANet, maybe the release version is better. I'll try it later.
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    Btw, I also tested the Verizon EV-DO service with a PC-Card, I Got 1.5 Mbps (on CNET also), so it seems that the network itself is capable of much higher speeds.
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    Got between 435-465kbps in Boston area.

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