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    How do you do one?

    I need to reset everything, I am getting lots of crashes I think due to software I have installed and then couldn't uninstall completely.
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    hold down end key, then hit reset button next to battery w. the stylus
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    1. Visit the Northglide site and get Uninstall Manager ($17.95)....better yet go for the NeatFreakPak ($29.95 adds Cleanup) or NeatFreakPlus ($26.95 which includes cleanuo and OnGuard Backup).

    2. Do a hard Reset on your phone by holding down the key with red phone icon on it whilke you hit the reset button under the battery cover. Don't let go of the key until you see the round Palm Logo. Hit UP key (IIRC) to wipe data.

    3. Reinstall PD and HotSync.

    4. Install Northglide Uninstall Manager

    5. Install rest of apps one at a time and sync between each install.
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    Uhhh...not so fast...these are Palm OS apps, the 700w is WM5.0
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    Press and hold the Red Phone (Power) key while soft resetting.
    That works on the Treo 700w.
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    Where is the backup tool talked about in the manual?
    Link is broken.

    I know all about Sprite Backup. I use it on my other Windows PDA units.
    Currently it's beta for WM5. I'd rather not have to pay for something that was supposed to come as a download.

    PALM!! Where is the utility??????


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