Please excuse this question but I find myself getting very confused and frustrated trying to make sense of the discussions in this forum. Are there three types of synchronization or two?

I understand Active Sync - connection between PC and my TREO via USB or IR and maybe BlueTooth. It is used for installing and synching applications and other things that are on the PC.

I am using a wireless Active sync to my Outlook 2003 Exchange server for my email, calendar and contacts all stored on my Exchange Server.

But what is the wireless sync that shows up as a program on my Porgram list and seems to be something that you install from a CD? It appears to be a Verizon product. I am assuming I do not need it - but in these threads when people are talking wireless sync I cant tell if they are talking about Exchange wireless or this other thing ( if there is another thing)

Please indulge an eager but easily confused newbie! Thanks