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    Quote Originally Posted by nuflat
    I guess one thing to look at is the fact that the Treo is an all digital phone, whereas the StarTac and I believe the 815 are trimode phones so they will operate it more areas and have better coverage.
    Moto 815 is a digital only phone. All EVDO phones are only digital. I recently switched from an 815 (loved it) to the 700W. I have noticed that I do have less bars then with my Moto, but the call quality has been the same. I am in a city and have not ventured out into the country yet, but Verizon service has been stellar in my opinion so I am not worried.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimHoboken
    BTW, I have T-mo. Bars mean crap. I'd get 4-5 bars ALWAYS with Cingular, and dropped calls and stuff like no ones business... V3 didn't even ring in my house with 5 bars. They claim I'm right between 2 towers and apparently the towers get "confused" and send calls to VM... with 5 bars!!!

    Anywho, T-mo... always rings, always clear... even when it's one bar. I was amazed by this... so for me, bars mean nothing... just a marketing scam from what I can tell. YMMV.

    Yes, I agree that even if you have 5 bars, you can still get disconnected, or the call go bad, but my experience has been when trying to make a call and having no bars. I have never been able to place a call until I have at least one bar.

    I have a friend who has been with Cingular and Verizon, and no matter who he has or what phone he has, he always gets crappy reception. At first he thought it was the phone and ended up switching carriers. He can make a call using his motorola and 9 times out of 10 it will get dropped and during the conversation you can barely hear him. Weird thing is that I can take his phone and make a call with it and it works fine. I told him that he must have something in his body causing interference.
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    The T700w seems to give me more bars than the T650 did, but it drops calls just like the T650. So to my experience, no significant difference in the radios between the 650 and the 700.
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    If I recall correctly the sound quality issue was wide spread and Faisal (sp?) or someone got a sound patch from a p1 tech which he distributed to T|C. Then P1 did an update later on that some reported improved the sound quality. The issue was never being able to make calls or hear calls from the users end, but person the Treo user was speaking to said that they were choppy and they couldnt understand them. There were a ton of posts about this, and several people returned the phone over it.
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