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    If so, how does it work? are you getting EVDO quality speeds?

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    it does not work, i tried it.
    When tethered it was connecting to the net. then when i launched slingbox pdanet disconnected. it did this several times. I reported the issue to slingbox as well as pdanet.
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    I couldn't get PDANet to stay connected either (this is both with and without running Slingbox when connected). Is there some trick to make sure PDANet doesn't disconnect? I couldn't even browse the web for more than a few seconds before it would disconnect.
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    I had this same problem. I can surf the internet just fine, but when I try to use PDANet I got as far as getting the sling software to work and getting a screen for a second and then the PDANet software just dies.
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    uh oh. this is not good. have u guys tried the registry hack to keep evdo on??? would that work?
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    Not sure what Slingbox is 100% (but I think I have a good idea). Just chiming in to say Orb works (marginally well).
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    i will try the evdo hack and get back to you
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    so orb works?? then u r able to keep the connection.... that's a good sign. did u do the reg hack to get orb working?
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    They are coming out with a mobile version of the slingbox for the phone - so that will fix this problem - hopefully...I will be real disappointed if i can't watch my cable box on my phone...
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    they are...i confirmed the wm 5 version will work on the 240 by 240. However, sling gave me a "but that screen is real small comment". they use bigger screened pdas at sling for their testing.
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    Oh no doubt the software itself will work, those guys know what their doing over at slingmedia for sure. I want to know if the EV DO will work with it, once it's on the phone.
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    For those trying to Sling, make sure you are using port 443 instead of the standard Sling port. Go to to learn how (or Sling's support site has the details). I use a tethered BB for sling with no problems but PDANet may have its own issues.
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    This might not fix the issue, but I do want to ask.

    What difference does it make what port it uses for EV DO?
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    i am guessing it is a pdnet issue. i notified them and i got a response: "what is slingbox?"....not kidding.
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    but the way it failed made me think it was pdanet.
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    I don't think the ports matter for evdo. Thought it might matter for pdanet. An easy thing to try and a best practice for slinging anyway. Good luck.
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    I just ordered a Slingbox, and from the previous posts no one has been able to get it to work with PDAnet. I was on the Slingbox website and said they have upgraded the software to facilitate EVDO better. Would love to have the PDAnet work with slingbox. Anyone have any updates on this.....
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    Sounds like a ports or port forwarding issue, i suspect we are starting to see how unlimited our 45 dollar "unlimited broadband connections" are.
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    I use to watch my Slingbox almost all day at work on through my i730's USB tether. I remember reading over on PDAphonehome that PDAnet limits bandwidth, take a search over there in the 700 forum. I think there was a work around, but the quality of the video was decreased.

    That's the main reason why I have been emailing PALM to release a working USB WMmodem connection, like Samsung did. Until then my Slingbox & Tivo is just sitting...doing nothing.
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    I think it is probably a caching server issue. In order to prop up these increased speeds they are using caching servers and it is causing issues with numerous software companies products. Goodlink works infinately better on 1XRTT than it does on EVDO. you connect,then the data stalls breaking the link. They are "working" on it.

    If a piece of software works on 1X and does not on EVDO, that is the carriers fault, and could possibly be by design to thwart the very streaming etc that is being attempted.
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