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    Is anyone using PocketBreeze on their Treo 700w? If so, how do you like it? What are the Pro's and Con's of this program on the Treo 700w?

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    I tried it and it seemed very cramped for the today screen. I tend to like not having a scroll bar. I know this is hard todo when my calendar fills up and I still want to have the today apps (Google, Mail, etc.). I did however found that I don't need to have the contact lookup on the screen fulltime as it automatically shows when i start typing a contact name. In regards to the PocketBreeze, I am not sure if its really a good design for the 700w. I see this being nice for "standard" PocketPCs.
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    I use it and it is great. I've never understood the point of WM builtin calendar/email/task Today plugins -- a waste of code, IMO.

    Set the pixel height to 120 or less and it fits just fine.
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