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    I seem to have gotten one of the more crash-prone units. I am contemplating doing a Hard Reset to hopefully correct the problem.

    Question is, can I use Wireless Synch to fully 'reinstall' all my Calendar and Contact info? I don't care about other apps as I can reinstall then one-by-one later on.

    Any issues I need to be aware of before the Hard Reset?

    any advice, as always, is greatly appreciated.
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    Yes - that's one of the benefits of Wireless Sync. It basically acts as a place where all your Exchange mailbox info gets stored, out in the ether. Whether you want that or not is a different story, but think of the free Wireless Sync service as a place out in the air where all your Exchange mailbox info is stored. You can go and get a different phone, run another (wireless) sync, and everything will be on your new device. Very handy.

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