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    After charging the phone for and extended period of time it appears to be off. However, the LED is flashing the color it normally would(charging, service, etc.) No matter what I do it does not appear to respond. After a soft reset it works fine for a while again. Think a hard reset is needed?
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    When you say it's 'off', do you mean that if you push the power button the unit is not coming back on?

    If so, I experienced this for the first time today...but my phone wasn't charging. Had just sent a text message and turned it off to take a conference call @ my desk. 2 hour call....went to power back on and no response. Just for kicks I called my number and it rang through, but the phone never woke up or indicated an incoming call. Soft reset and everything is fine. Pecuilar...
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    Also if it is not charging, do this. Plug phone in wait for beep>Take back cover off>remove battery, wait for beep>put battery back in wait for beep.

    See if this helps.

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